10 Ideas to Master Your Bedroom Design

30th April 2024

Explore the latest features, fixtures and finishes that will complete your unique master suite.

In the realm of luxury home building, your master bedroom is not just a place to rest—it's a sanctuary designed to reflect your personal style and luxurious comfort. We take this philosophy to heart, integrating high-end finishes, innovative design trends, and bespoke customisation options into every bedroom.

Whether you are building from scratch or seeking inspiration for a bedroom makeover, these top trends from our premium show homes will guide you to a luxurious bedroom design.

10 luxurious bedroom design trends

1. Seamless indoor-outdoor transitions

The Patterson show home in Bentleigh is a prime example of how seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces can elevate a bedroom's aesthetic and functionality. With large, sliding glass doors opening onto private patios or lush gardens, this feature perfectly balances the exterior with the interior for a serene bedroom environment.

Experience seamless indoor-outdoor living when you visit our Patterson show home. This magnificent Marque show home in the heart of Bentleigh affords an abundance of natural light and scale.

2. Elegant walk-in wardrobes

The Belmore show home in Balwyn North showcases spectacular, spacious walk-in wardrobes that offer not just storage, but are a statement of luxury and personal style. Stunning custom cabinetry and exquisite finishes provide a plush yet practical space.

Discover elegance in organisation with a custom walk-in wardrobe. Explore the Balwyn North Belmore show home.

3. Bold feature walls

In the Bellbrae display home, the bedrooms are accentuated with bold feature walls that use textures or dramatic colours to create a premium focal point. These feature walls are a testament to our commitment to contemporary design and personal expression. The luxury and sophistication of the Bellbrae 29 will have you captivated the moment you enter.

See bold design in action. Visit the Bellbrae show home in Lilydale.

4. Premium lighting solutions

The Capel show home in Lilydale incorporates state-of-the-art lighting solutions that enhance both the functionality and the atmosphere of the master bedroom. Fully adjustable lighting systems allow for mood settings from bright daylight to soft, ambient evenings at the touch of a button. This creates a unique sense of grandeur in your master bedroom.

Experience how lighting transforms space. Visit the Capel display home in Lilydale.

5. Plush textiles and detailing

Luxury is in the details. Plush textiles and rich upholstery feature throughout Marque's bedrooms, offering a tactile and visually pleasing experience. Think velvet throw pillows and silk curtains that elevate the comfort and elegance of the room. This works whether you prefer a neutral colour scheme or something more colourful, helping to add depth and create details that catch the eye.

6. Artistic installations and decor

Personalise your master bedroom with unique artistic installations. Our custom homes often incorporate standout pieces, from modern sculptures to unique paintings, that reflect the homeowner's style and add important artistic flair.

7. Sophisticated colour palettes

Choosing the right colour palette is crucial to set the tone. Neutral tones mixed with bold accents create a balanced and inviting environment. Our design team are experts at crafting colour schemes that evoke calmness and luxury, and can work with you on the perfect scheme for your master suite.

8. Innovative storage solutions

Maximise space and minimise clutter with innovative storage solutions. Built-in shelves and hidden compartments keep your sanctuary tidy and well-organised, ensuring that every item has its place.

9. Statement furniture pieces

Invest in a few choice statement furniture pieces that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s a custom-designed bed frame or an elegant chaise lounge, these pieces are pivotal in defining the character of your bedroom and can last a lifetime.

10. Integrated technology

For the tech-savvy, integrated technology such as automated blinds, smart thermostats, and built-in sound systems offer convenience and luxury at your fingertips. We can integrate these technologies seamlessly into your bedroom design, enhancing both functionality and style.

Ready to master your bedroom design?

Each of these luxury design trends showcases Marque’s commitment to luxury, innovation, and personalisation in bedroom design. As leading luxury home builders, we ensure that each element of your master bedroom is crafted to the highest standards of quality and elegance.

Ready to transform your bedroom into a luxurious haven? Visit our show homes to see these trends brought to life and to discuss how we can tailor them to your vision. Whether you’re looking to build a new home or renovate an existing space, Marque has the expertise to elevate your bedroom to a masterpiece of luxury and comfort.

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