At Marque, we appreciate the significance of a home - it's far more than architecture - it's a sanctuary where we nourish our identities and nurture our families.

Our ambition is to create extraordinary luxury residences that epitomise the essence of modern living.

Our portfolio displays a range of both classic and contemporary abodes, each crafted to exude magnificence and sophistication.

Our accomplished team of designers specialises in creating tailored, one-of-a-kind homes that reflect the unique tastes and preferences of our clientele.

As a boutique home builder, we take great pride in transforming your initial vision into a reality through our comprehensive, fully integrated process that encompasses every aspect of design, planning, and construction.

Backed by our parent company, AHB Group, we are enabled to offer unrivalled value to our clients while guaranteeing the security and stability of our operations, giving you the confidence that you are working with a company that is secure and well-supported.