Redefine Your Living Space with a Knockdown Rebuild

23rd April 2024

Opting for a knockdown rebuild with Marque Homes allows you to transform your current home into a fully customised luxury home, tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. Unlike renovations, a knockdown rebuild offers a clean slate, free from the constraints and surprises that often accompany modifications of older home structures.

Not sure if a knockdown rebuild is right for you? It’s a great choice if:

  • You own an outdated property: Ideal for those whose homes no longer meet modern standards of functionality, safety, or energy efficiency.

  • You don’t want to leave your current area: Perfect for individuals who love their neighbourhood but desire a home that better suits their lifestyle needs.

  • You’re a growing family who needs more space: If you’re considering additional space or customised living areas that your current home cannot provide.

  • You’re a property investor: A knockdown rebuild is appealing for investors looking to significantly increase property value through modern, sustainable construction.

  • You want to be able to specifically customise your home: Best for those who have specific design visions that cannot be achieved through simple renovations or existing home layouts.

4 benefits of choosing a knockdown rebuild

There are so many benefits to a knockdown rebuild. Knockdown rebuilds enhance the value of your property and allow you to stay in the area you know and love. But the main reason homeowners choose a knockdown rebuild project is to create a custom home that suits their changing needs.

Some of the biggest benefits to consider are:

Customisation without limits

Have you ever wondered if you could do more with your property? With a knockdown rebuild, your architectural and design possibilities are almost limitless. Our team will help you utilise the full potential of your land with a design that maximises space, functionality, and appeal, ensuring that every inch of your new home is built to your exact specifications.



Stay in the location you love

We specialise in knockdown rebuilds in Melbourne, providing you with the freedom to create your dream home while staying in (and true to) your beloved neighbourhood.


Did you know that rebuilding can be more economical than extensive remodelling? Knockdown rebuilds avoid the hidden costs and delays often associated with renovating older homes, providing a more predictable and straightforward path to your new luxury home.

Sustainability and modern living

Rebuilding allows for the integration of modern, eco-friendly technologies that can significantly reduce your home's environmental impact. Here at Marque Homes, we are committed to sustainable building practices, ensuring your home is not only beautiful but also energy-efficient and kind to the environment.

Our approach to knockdown rebuilds

We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke solutions. Each knockdown rebuild project begins with a detailed consultation where we listen to your unique needs and aspirations. Our expert design team will craft every aspect of your new home, from the layout to the finishes, ensuring the end result perfectly aligns with your vision.

Contemporary floor plans and complete design flexibility ensures that you won't have to compromise on anything. We'll be there to guide you throughout your entire journey, making your experience as stress-free as possible.

When you choose Marque, you can be confident in our:

Quality assurance and craftsmanship

Why settle for less when you can work with the best? Our commitment to quality is evident in every project we undertake. We use the highest quality fixtures and finishes, and collaborate with skilled craftsmen who share our passion for excellence, ensuring every detail of your home is constructed to the highest standards.

Client-centric process

Concerned about a complicated building process? We ensure a seamless experience from conception to completion. We manage all aspects of the knockdown rebuild, including planning permissions and construction, keeping you informed and involved every step of the way.

Begin your knockdown rebuild journey

Imagine the possibilities of a brand new home on your current property! Marque Homes makes it easy to turn those dreams into reality. Book a consultation or visit one of our custom homes to see firsthand the quality and luxury that await in a Marque knockdown rebuild.

Don't wait any longer to live in the home you've always envisioned. We have a team of knockdown rebuild experts who can help you create a brand new, unique home built to your needs. 

Contact us to discuss your knockdown rebuild plans and discover just how easy it is to start your journey towards a bespoke, luxury home.

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