Having worked with countless dual occupancy investors to create stunning homes, we have a refined process that makes building with Marque a seamless experience.

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Determining site suitability

Not all blocks will support a dual occupancy development equally well. There are factors to consider such as size, orientation, and unexpected costs, such as moving storm water pits or trees. Local council requirements also change from zone to zone, which may limit what you can achieve on your block.


Confirming design

While we’ll start with one of our designs as a template, you’ll have modifications to factor in. These might be personal choices, such as fitting in an extra bedroom, or creating an underground garage, but could also be as a result of unique factors on your block or location.


Obtaining a planning permit

Receiving a planning permit from your local council is a non-negotiable step in your development process – but it can be a confusing one for first-time developers. The result of your planning permit informs your application for a building permit, so it’s essential to engage a town planner to represent your application at council.


Determining the specifications

The difference between a home and a luxury home is in the details. Ensuring your specifications allow spacious living spaces, practical storage, and plenty of light are the kinds of important details that can’t be faked if you get them wrong before you build. We take the time to perfect your specs, so you needn’t worry.


Reviewing resale value

Understanding what kind of return on investment you’re set to receive is an important detail to know before you begin construction! We’ll run through the different investment returns scenarios you could expect by choosing different finishes, and comparing current market expectations and conditions.