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A Marque dual occupancy development is the perfect property opportunity for many kinds of discerning investors. Whether you’re a first time investor, or looking for another property to add to your portfolio, we can tailor a Marque dual occupancy home to suit your needs.

Whether you’re planning to lease, sell, or call your new property home, there’s a Marque dual occupancy property for you. We understand that you may have different visions for the two occupancies on your block – we’ll help you bring each property to life, in line with your budget for each residence, while still appealing to market.
At Marque, we’re known for our luxury homes and our superior customer engagement. We’ll support you and empower you to develop a top of the line property that checks every box. You’ll have access to our expert advice and personalised recommendations that make a Marque home stand out from the crowd.

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We work with you to create the best property we can produce with your unique circumstances. We’ll consider the specific challenges and opportunities your land poses – as well as your personal tastes and budget – to design and construct the perfect residences.

Marque dual occupancy homes are built for comfortable living – that means giving serious thought to the designs that will work on the block, and how to tailor them to make the most of sunlight, views and privacy. We also create homes that stand the test of time, regardless of the level of premium details you opt to include.

We use strategic construction methods and develop strong partnerships with suppliers, meaning your development is not only beautifully practical; it’s also a good investment.

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Attention to detail – at every stage

The Marque attention to detail is evident at every stage of your development – resulting in a flawless outcome. From tailoring your floor plan to suit your needs, to carefully determining the location of power outlets, and recommending timeless fixtures and top of the range appliances, we’ll ensure your development is as seamless as it is sophisticated.

A luxury home deserves the best craftsmanship available, which is why we collaborate only with trusted and experienced partners and suppliers – so you can rest easy knowing that your properties will exceed your expectations.

Dual Occupancy

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Dual Occupancy

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