Help us help you design your ideal home at our design studio.

Step into a home builders heaven in the Marque design studio and showroom.

Our design studio allows you to pick and choose from the latest range of contemporary fixtures, fittings and appliances for your build. Our dedicated staff will walk you through the entire process so you can begin making your house a home. We have various styles to match any preference or layout.


Create a comfortable space to rejuvenate and unwind with design features that exude calmness.

From elements like fireplaces to sideboards, we assist you in designing functional lounging areas that serve your needs. Whether your focus is on entertainment or relaxation, we have a plethora of options that transform lounge rooms from drab to fab.


If you love to cook, you’ll adore our range of luxury cabinetry and kitchen appliances that not only enhance your culinary experiences but look great too.

The kitchen is a place to socialise and bring people together through the art of cooking, so why not make it beautiful? Choose from a wide selection of stunning tapware, European appliances and multiple styles and finishes of kitchen cabinetry including benchtops and handles.


Pantries are the epitome of storage and organisation. A well-thought out pantry design can make or break a kitchen, which is why we’re here to help.

Take your pick from a large variety of pantry storage options including shelving, drawers, cabinets and benchtops. Whether you prefer an open or hidden layout, we can assist you with ideas to suit your aesthetic.


Your bathroom needs to be functional, but can also serve as an important design element in your home.

Bathrooms are some of the best places to play with design and layout. Our selection of sleek and unique fixtures are guaranteed to accentuate your space, helping you create your ideal bathroom design.