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In a property market where land prices have risen exponentially in recent years, dual occupancy development is an intelligent investment opportunity – increasing the block’s value by constructing two residences on the same site.

Whether you aim to use both properties for immediate returns on investment, or plan to build your own luxury home, as a dual occupancy specialist Marque will work with and for you, making the most of your development.

Regardless of whether it’s your first property purchase or you’re an experienced investor, you’ll be delighted with the quality and livability of your dual occupancy development. With premium finishes as our standard, you can control the level of luxury inclusions in each residence. We’ll also offer valuable insights into market trends in your area, ensuring your property is on par – if not superior to – other rental properties or homes for sale in your locality.

Often, potential investors initially worry that a dual occupancy residence means limited living space. We’re excited to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. Through clever design and thoughtful block optimisation, Marque dual occupancy developments are spacious, with practical storages spaces. And with thoughtfully created outdoor areas, you won’t even notice there are two dwellings on the same site.

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Before you build

Choosing a dual occupancy development for your site is an exciting
decision that opens up many opportunities for your investment. But with
so many opportunities, it can be overwhelming to know which direction
to take. That’s why all Marque dual occupancy projects begin with a
free consultation. We’ll get to know your desired outcomes and gain an
understanding of your block’s unique requirements, and discuss how we
can optimise your block, respectful of your budget.


Expert support

With a keen eye on the properties and developments in your area, and
years of experience in property development, the Marque team members
are the experts you can rely on for advice regarding any aspect of your
property. Whether its floor plans, extra inclusions, interior design or
appealing to market demand, we’ll give you honest and proven advice
tailored to your circumstances – and we’ll start at our first, completely
free, no obligation consultation.


Dual occupancy requirements

A dual occupancy development isn’t for everyone, or for every site.
There are a number of considerations you will need to factor into your
plans if you’re thinking of a dual occ property. Importantly: will your
block support two residences while complying with your local council’s
requirements? You may also need to consider demolition of a current
building, and alternative accommodation during construction if this is
your current home. We’ll assess your eligibility for dual occupancy and
make the best recommendations for your needs.

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If you’re looking for the answers on building your next Dual Occupancy property, read through some of the most frequently asked questions.

What size block do I need?

The block must be at least over 14 meters wide.

What length of time does it take to get a planning permit

Depending on the council it is between 4-6 months.

Who does the demolition?

The client incurs the immediate cost but we can arrange the demolition.

Why should we choose Marque?

We have the best plans and best specifications for the most affordable price.

What is the best block to buy?

It works on all angles but preferably a North/South orientation.

What length of time does it take to get a building permit?

Approximately one month.

Who organises the landscaping?

The client incurs the immediate cost but we can arrange the landscaping.

What is the size of townhouse I can build?

On a 635Sq Mt block you can build 2×31 sq. side by sides.

What length of time does it take to finish the building?

Seven months.

Who arranges the subdivision?

The client incurs the immediate cost but we can arrange the subdivision.


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