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Dual Occupancy is the process of improving the land value by building two dwellings on an existing site or land. Land values have increased dramatically therefore Dual Occupancy developments have become the most popular way for families to unlock the equity in their homes, without the need to move out of their preferred area.

A Dual Occupancy investment creates options and opportunities for you, your home and your family. Marque Dual Occ makes maximising the potential of your investment simple with the option to live in, sell or lease your investment – the choice is yours. Whether you want to develop your own home or build an investment property, choosing a Dual Occ specialist will ensure a successful investment outcome.

The rationale behind Marque Dual Occ developments is simple – create custom solutions to maximise the efficiency of the land. This in turn strengthens the financial return on investment. We assess the local market data to deliver a customised solution that ensures our clients won’t under or overcapitalise on their project.

When investing in a Marque Dual Occ investment, you partner with the trusted name in Dual Occ Development. Most importantly, you are investing in quality. This is the Marque difference. We include premium grade inclusions as standard, due to their ability to increase the resale value of your development. It’s only when a certain area or catchment warrants additional luxury do we consider these to be incorporated into the design. By focusing on the potential opportunity for the land, Marque Dual Occ has forged a reputation for consistently delivering quality Dual Occ investments.

As a long-term investment Dual Occ provides the opportunity to create a reliable secondary source of income or mark the beginning of your property development business. Marque Dual Occ streamlines the transition from homeowner to first time property developer through their process.

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What you need to know

Before deciding to develop a Dual Occ home, you need to know what makes Marque Dual Occ different. We understand that the prospect of developing a Dual Occ home can be daunting, this is why we offer a free consultation to help you ease into the process. Every home designed by Marque Dual Occ is customised to suit your needs and budget, we understand that there isn’t a single solution to every property. Marque Dual Occ uses the highest quality finishes as a standard to ensure an optimum resale value for your investment.


Getting Started

Much like building your own home, there are key questions you need to ask yourself before embarking on a Dual Occ development. These include questions around budget, land size, house design and the overall style of your Dual Occ development. One of our Dual Occ specialists can help you answer these questions in a free consultation.



Thinking of utilising your existing block to build a Dual Occ Development? You will need to take a couple of extra issues into consideration before commencing your development. Being aware of these will make it easier for you and your family in the long run. These include; the demolition of your existing home, sourcing alternative accommodation for the duration of your build to allow for construction. Marque Dual Occ can assess your properties suitability and determine any considerations for you to undertake.

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If you’re looking for the answers on building your next Dual Occupancy property, read through some of the most frequently asked questions.

What size block do I need?

The block must be at least over 14 meters wide.

What length of time does it take to get a planning permit

Depending on the council it is between 4-6 months.

Who does the demolition?

The client incurs the immediate cost but we can arrange the demolition.

Why should we choose Marque?

We have the best plans and best specifications for the most affordable price.

What is the best block to buy?

It works on all angles but preferably a North/South orientation.

What length of time does it take to get a building permit?

Approximately one month.

Who organises the landscaping?

The client incurs the immediate cost but we can arrange the landscaping.

What is the size of townhouse I can build?

On a 635Sq Mt block you can build 2×31 sq. side by sides.

What length of time does it take to finish the building?

Seven months.

Who arranges the subdivision?

The client incurs the immediate cost but we can arrange the subdivision.


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