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Step 1

Consulting Stage

Through an initial consultation process, Marque Dual Occupancy Division assesses the suitability of your site, relative to Residential Building Regulations and Code (RECODE).We organise the following;

  • Site feature survey
  • Re-establishment survey
  • Soil testing

A deposit of $5,000 is required for the commencement of these services.

Upon receipt of site assessment, the consultation stage progresses to:

  • Client selects plans and façade, and;
  • Overlay of chosen plans on the site feature survey.

At this phase, we present the formulated plans and discuss indicative size of each townhouse and price. We now have enough information to show you how to maximise your sites potential.
Armed with this information, our client is able to sign off on their chosen design with confidence and move into the Town Planning stage.

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Step 2

Planning Stage

We arrange an introduction to a specialist Town Planner consultant from Urbis Town planning. They will assess all relevant information we have provided them so they can develop a fee proposal for the application process.

Once the client signs off on Urbis fee proposal, your Urbis consultant can co-ordinate the following:

  • Streetscape analysis
  • Design response
  • Shadow diagrams

Urbis will prepare the planning application and submission to council –
(An accompanying Application fee is required at this time)

Urbis will manage the process, including:

  • An initial discussions with council
  • Application Advertising process (An accompanying Application Advertising fee is required at this time)

Once a council decision is reached, the planning process followings:

  • A conditional permit is given
  • Submission of any required amendments to Plans
  • An Unconditional permit is give
  • Stamped Approved plans
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Step 3

Contract stage

An appointment is made with our client to present working drawings and building contract.

  • At this stage a Payment of $8,750 (approx) is required

Before a final contract can be prepared, the client must select Fixtures & Finishes specifications. We make an appointment for the client with an Interior Design Consultant from Gallerie – Selections Studio.

Once the specifications are selected, detailed drawings and HIA contracts are sent to client for review. A final contract appointment is then made, during which the client signs contract and deposit is paid (balance of 5%)

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Step 4

Building commence stage

Building commence stage

  • All detail drawings are finalised and signed off be the client.
  • The Building permit application is submitted.
  • Once the building permit is granted, a final review and check of all documentation and drawings is undertaken.
  • Site works commence.

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