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Step 1


During our comprehensive consultation process, we’ll have already determined your block’s suitability for subdivision, in line with the Residential
Building Regulations and Code (RESCODE). This requires includes a site feature survey, a re-establishment survey, and soil testing. Once we’ve identified that your site is eligible, you’ll select your chosen plans and façade, which we’ll overlay on the site feature survey. By the end of the consultation stage, you’ll have a clear expectation of your total investment cost, and we’ll have determined the ways you can optimise your development to reach its full potential.

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Step 2

Town Planner Assessment

A specialist town planner will study all information on your development to
date and create a fee proposal for your application process. After you’ve agreed to the fee proposal, your town planner will develop your streetscape analysis, design response and shadow diagrams, ready to submit to your local council. You won’t have to worry about a thing during this phase – your town planner will coordinate everything from discussions with your council to the application advertising process. They’ll be experienced in your area, and will be able to ensure the plans meet your council’s particular criteria.

This planning phase moves through:
• Presentation of a conditional permit
• Submission of any required plan amendments
• Presentation of an unconditional permit
• Stamping of approved plans.

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Step 3

Contract Signing

Before you sign your final contract, you’ll work with our expert consultants to choose your fixtures and finishes specifications. Being able to see your different options in person and work with our interior designers will give you full confidence in your choices. After you’ve made your choices, you’ll receive detailed drawings – and your contract to review. Once the contract is finalised, you’ll join us for a final contract appointment to sign your contract and pay your deposit.

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Step 4

Commence Building

The building stage is the most exciting part of any build. With every site visit (of which you’re welcome to make as many or as few as you like), you’ll witness progress – bringing you one step closer to handover.
During the building stage, there’s plenty going on, but our trusted team and contractors work smoothly together. Over the course of several months, your dual occupancy property will proceed through:
• Pouring the slab
• Raising the frame
• Installing external walls, doors and windows (lockup stage)
• Fitting plaster, cabinetry, skirting boards, architraves and other internal features
• Finishing – including painting, electrics, bench tops, flooring, benches and appliances.
Before handover, you’ll be walked through the property to give everything the final
seal of approval and to receive a demonstration on all appliances.


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